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Connecting Via Mud Client

There are many different Mud clients that offer a variety of options and interfaces. We recommended:

  • TinTin++ - A straight forward client that supports modern protocols as well as supporting scripting, aliases, and a host of other functionality from a simple console interface. (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • MushClient - A Windows based client with full support and scripting. This is an excellent client that can also be run in Mac and Linux under Wine.
  • Mudlet - Mudlet is a full-featured client that is available on all platforms and supports just about everything. (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Connecting Via Telnet

When connecting via telnet you may only have a subset of the functionality of a full mud client. Some of the most obvious differences are available color sets and support for additional protocols like MSSP.

Windows - Use the Windows telnet.exe with the host and port to connect. You may need to install telnet if it isn't already. If this is the case please pick up an existing mud client instead. You will be much happier. Trust me, I'm a doctor (or play one on TV).

Mac / Linux - Open a terminal session and execute:
telnet savsoul.com 6666
This will connect you to the mud and allow you to play.

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